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Sheridyn Fisher

A storm was coming...

The storm was about an hour away from hitting before the shoot, the energy was amazing and photographer Kyle and I were trying to capture as much as we could before it started to rain.

Sheridyn Fisher - Wild Horses Blog Image - Feather Fox Australia

I was in my element

Of course, I was in my element. I love the feeling in the air before a storm, and being able to spend time with a herd of beautiful rescue horses away from the city is where my soul feels most at home.

Wild Horses Maxi Dress / Duster | Feather Fox

A second chance

The beautiful Lara was kind enough to let us come and meet with her beautiful Rescue horses (Lara has saved over 20 horses to this day from slaughter, rescued them and helped the rehabilitate. Lara has re-homed many horses and gives them her love and a home to help them heal) and we were thankful to be able to create this story because of her.

I loved hearing her story and what she has done to give these incredibly beautiful animals a second chance. It is always so refreshing and inspiring to me to find kind souls in this world who love for the sake of love and gives so much of her energy to saving lives.

The little Albino Pony was like a puppy, he wouldn't leave my side the entire shoot. I have never met a more friendly Shetland Pony in my life. He was extremely cute and loved cuddles. A very sweet little soul.

I loved creating this shoot and styling it with these beautiful pieces from the new Feather Fox boheme collection. Teaming the whites with black vegan leather boots and accessories is one of my all time favorite looks.
Timless with a hint of wild.

Sheridyn Fisher - Wild Horses Blog Image - Feather Fox Australia

Featured Fashion

"Wild Wild Horses" Long white maxi dress / duster
"Wilderness" white short dress with lace detail
"Mountain Sounds" White top.


Vegan & Cruelty Free Beauty Products

Vegan & Cruelty Free Products

Products we used on this shoot:
Inika Oranic Rose Hip Oil (for lips and under foundations)
Mr Smith Sea Salt hair spray - for loose curls

Shoot by:
Photography - Kyle Brennan
Hair - Lauren Hendley Hair @ the society of hair Terrigal
Art direction - Sheridyn Fisher
March 02, 2017 by Sheridyn Fisher